Welcome to the Rabe Research Group

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The Rabe research group is a young dynamic team which is working in the area of synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry and spectroscopy with a strong focus on time-resolved serial crystallography. Currently, we are interested in the detailed understanding of O2 dependant reactions responsible for the generation of light, in particular those from Luciferases (responsible for one of the most visually extraordinary effect in nature – bioluminescence). We are interested in the identification of intermediates and dynamics tuning catalysis to allow this remarkable process. We are using these model enzymes to study new tools to rapidly generate O2 for different spectroscopic methods and time-resolved crystallography experiments. Our work is very interdisciplinary and in close collaboration with Diamond Light Source. It provides excellent opportunities for students and researchers to work in a collaborative environment combining organic chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry and cutting-edge serial crystallography and spectroscopy method development.
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